The Northeast Spinone Club Inc is a 501(c) (7) club focused on activities and promotion of the Spinone Italiano dog breed in the Northeastern part of the United States of America.  Membership is currently free of charge and encouraged for anyone interested in Spinone, no matter their location.

Club Objectives include:

  1. To educate and mentor the general public in all aspects of the Spinone Italiano
  2. To support and adhere to the standard(s) of the Spinone Italiano as published by the Spinone Club of America (SCOA)
  3. To support and encourage the breeds natural abilities and versatile hunter characteristics as described by the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVDHA)
  4. To mentor, encourage and support the interests of Spinoni owners and enthusiasts in any and all activities
  5. To encourage the highest ethical standards in regards to breeding, training and owning Spinoni.